12 Trendy Christmas Nail Design Ideas

If you’re like me, the minute the last bite of turkey has been gobbled up and the leftover pumpkin pie stored safely in the refrigerator, it’s automatically time for Christmas!

I’ll admit that I might go a bit overboard each December with the decorations and festive clothes- I mean, how many variations of tartan plaid can I really wear in one week, right? Yet there’s just something so much fun about it all!

Although I do love applying and wearing classic and simple nails (who doesn’t?), Christmas just seems like the perfect time of year to go “all out” in every way.

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Many of my clients agree and are always looking for new fun ways to show off their spirit the next time they clink glasses with friends at a holiday party or throw a tip in the jar for their favorite barista.

So whether you’re on a first name basis with your nail tech, or looking to try a little DIY this Christmas season, keep reading to find all the inspiration you’ll need to have you singing “Deck the …Nails” in no time. I personally can’t wait to try them all.

Before we dive into the designs, here are some common questions that I hear from my clients about Christmas nails.

Is it too early for Christmas Nails?

Is it to Early for Christmas Nails_

Some may be thinking, “Is it to early for Christmas nails?” Well, as soon as that first Christmas song of the season hits the radio, it’s time to get those nails looking festive! After all, the Christmas season flies by so quickly, you’ll want to maximize the fun.

Your merry and festive nails may even inspire those around you to get into the spirit.

You could even do a little “Christmas in July” themed nail to have you dreaming of presents and mistletoe during the last dog days of summer.

What are Good Christmas Colors for Nails?

What are Good Christmas Colors for Nails_

There are so many good Christmas colors to pick from for your next nail look. Beyond the obvious red and green color combination that we all think of at Christmas, there are ways to incorporate other more subdued colors and still spread just as much cheer.

Less obvious options like a rose gold glitter, a shiny metallic, or other more “winter” type colors and themes can still pack a festive punch.

Check out this article for some great ideas of polishes in festive colors that will fit anyone’s budget.

Are Red Christmas Nails in Style?

Are Red Christmas Nails in Style_

Red Christmas Nails are always in style!

You don’t have think that just plain red is your only option though. There are many variations on red polish that invoke a subtle Christmas design, like adding a simple star or a snowflake on a red base.

Even just switching out your regular red polish for a sparkly option or adding simple metallic accents will amp up your festive factor.

How Can I Do Simple Christmas Nails?

How Can I Do Simple Christmas Nails_

If you don’t have the time or budget to visit the nail salon, you can do amazing Christmas nails right in your own home.

Even if you’ve never applied designs to your own nails before, there are ways that you can get them looking joyful without needing any special nail art tools at all!

Check out this video for 3 great ideas on how to do your own simple designs.

What Color Should I Get My Nails Done for Christmas?

What Color Should I Get My Nails Done for Christmas_

When it comes to nail polish colors, it all comes down to personal style and there’s really no right or wrong color to choose if you want to hop on the Christmas Nail trend.

For a bold statement, I still recommend the classic red and green or red and white combination, and there are so many fun designs that use this color palette. If a client is more reserved I often recommend a subtle twist on the season, such as embellishing a traditional French manicure with a fun Christmas twist.

There are options out there for every style! Check out this list of colors for even more inspiration.

How Do You Do Christmas Nails?

How Do You Do Christmas Nails_

If you’re feeling inspired and ready to get started, my advice is to dive right in and start doing your own DIY Christmas Nails!

There are so many nail artists who would love to help bring your creative idea to life.

Or if you’re ready to dive in at home, a quick Google search will give you many fun tutorials to try, like this video, which is one of my favorites.

How Do You Put Christmas Lights On Your Nails?

How Do You Put Christmas Lights On Your Nails_

Some people might be wondering how to put Christmas lights on your nails. Yes – it’s a thing! Not real lights, of course, but giving your nails the look of a cheerfully strung tree is one of the most traditional Christmas nail designs and is always a favorite.

It’s one that I do on myself every single year. This short tutorial will have you stringing the lights in no time.

By now you’re certainly ready to give this fun trend a try! Below are 12 of my favorite Christmas nail ideas to celebrate the holiday:

Preppy Plaid Nails

If you’re a bit of a traditionalist like me, a Christmas plaid is the way to go. This fun twist on the classic, has a little bit of gold for a more flashy touch.

preppy plaid nailsSource: www.glamour.com

Black and White Christmas Nails

A classy and modern way to show your spirit. this color combination will go with any outfit or style. Add a hint of glitter to an accent nail to amp up the fancy factor.

Black and White Christmas NailsSource: www.oprahdaily.com

Green and Gold Leaf Nails

A little bit vintage and a little bit modern, this sleek design in traditional colors will impress even your fanciest friends.

Green and Gold Leaf Nails

Source: www.glamour.com

Classy Rose Gold Snowflake

Try this design for a simple and feminine style that incorporates a subtle shade of pink that doesn’t feel too little-girl like.

Classy Rose Gold Snowflake

Source: www.loveambie.com

Blue and Silver Christmas Nails

For a “silver bells” vibe try a bold blue base and embellish with shiny silver accents.

Blue and Silver Christmas Nails

Source: https://forcreativejuice.com

Simple Short Candy Cane Nails

Even if you keep your nails short and sweet, they can stand out with bold and bright red and white polish and candy cane stripes.

Simple Short Candy Cane Nails

Source: www.loveambie.com

Christmas Glitzy Glitter Nails

For a simple but bold statement, paint your nails in green or red glitter polish. Use the same color on all fingers, alternate colors used, or add an accent nail like below to break up the glitter.

Christmas Glitzy Glitter Nails

Source: www.oprahdaily.com

“Oh Christmas Tree” Acrylic Nails

If you’re looking for a style that alludes to Christmas at a glance, Christmas tree nails like these are the way to go! This stand-out style is a must for long nails and will turn heads all season long.

"Oh Christmas Tree" Acrylic Nails

Source: www.ideasdonuts.com

Matte and Sleek Christmas Nails

A sleek matte nail always provides an air of sophistication and details like a metallic accent on top adds a level of interest and depth to your design. Try a mini-masterpiece like this one.

Matte and Sleek Christmas Nails

Source: www.thetrendspotter.net

Pretty in Pink Christmas Nails

We don’t normally think of pink at Christmas, but the color adds a fun and feminine touch when you use it creatively like in this perfectly precious option.

Pretty in Pink Christmas Nails

Source: www.thetrendspotter.net

Christmas French Manicure

Take your classic French manicure to a festive level by swapping out the traditional white tips for red ones. Add a cute Santa hat to one of the nails for some extra cheer.

Christmas French Manicure

Source: www.fabmood.com

Amped Up Christmas Light Nails

If you’re looking to light up your fingers with a showy string of lights, check out this flashy set! Trade out the traditional style for a shiny gold background and colorful beads as lights for a brighter and bolder statement.

Amped Up Christmas Light Nails

Source: www.entertainmentmesh.com

Thanks for reading! I hope that these designs have made you excited to try out something festive this Christmas season.

With so many nail designs to choose from, your creativity is the only limit!

Which one of these designs are you ready to try this Christmas season? I would love to hear from you.

Comment below to share your thoughts and ideas!

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